Intense and repeated physical activity causes stress and micro trauma to your muscle, tendon and ligament tissue. Without adequate recovery this stress can cause you to hit plateaus in performance or lead to an overuse injury such as stress fractures, pulled muscles or joint pain. This can eventually prevent you from competing or training. At Renew Hydration & Wellness we offer weekly IV therapy sessions that get rid of muscle pain, joint inflammation and speed up your body’s recovery after intense workouts training or competition.



We specialize in sports medicine and prevention of injuries. Using proven techniques and the most innovative medical device to evaluate function, improve performance and assist in prevention of injuries. Because each individual is different, we focus on viewing the entire body as a whole system rather than compartmentalizing each body part when treating.

Microcurrent Therapy

produces electrical signals like those naurally occurring when the body is repairing damaged tissues. When applied, the body will release its own natural pain relieving chemicals to aide in healing of soft tissue inflammation and muscle spasm.


Fascial Manipulation

is a research based technique and has shown to be effective in clinical data. The approach is to take care of the person, not only the muscle, the organ or the articulation as separate entities; listening to the body. Using research and backed clinical data, we treat the body globally, not locally. The goal is to set up a tailored treatment to allow the body to fulfill its potential while accepting its limits.


NormaTec is a dynamic compression

device designed for recovery and rehab post training, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and chronic swelling. This device is the leader in rapid recovery and gives an edge to the world’s elite athletes.




is a type of connective tissue that surrounds our muscle groups and organs which serves to provide support and structure through-out the entire body. After an injury, exercise, or sitting for long periods of time, our muscles and fascia will shorten and tighten. Fascial Stretch Therapy is used to target the fascial lines interwoven throughout the body that could be causing limitations and pain. Increasing the length in the fascia and creating space in the joints allows for a stronger healthier framework.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

involves the patients breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized sealed chamber. This system of pouring in pure oxygen into the human body is carried out through high oxygen concentration and pressure. Research shows that one hour HBOT is equivalent to 4 hours of realm sleep. Recover faster!