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Need a boost? Great for general fatigue, dehydration, and jet lag.

Hair Of The Dog

Party Hard? Need to get back on track? Then rehydrate with fluids, vitamins, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory meds…provides relief fast!

Chicken Soup

A little something to help get you back on your feet. This will shorten your illness by attacking the problem, not just masking symptoms.

Finish Line

Great for maintenance and keeping your body in peak performance. Perfect for post workout or after a marathon.

Fountain of Youth

Created ideally for skin rejuvenation and hydration. The vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants needed to restore youthful appearance

The Skinny

The combination of amino acids that help break down fat deposits from the liver as well as antioxidants and vitamins to increase metabolism

The Pro-Gram

All of the benefits of the modified Myers Cocktail with the added benefits of a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to maximize tissue healing and repair.

Fat Fighter IM injection

Suffering from fatigue from dieting? Struggling with cravings? This is an intramuscular injection of amino acids and anti-oxidants to help you power through a restricted diet and still have the energy to exercise.

B12 Booster

This is an intramuscular injection excellent for chronic fatigue and low energy states, mild depression and related mood swings, chronic deficiency, and migraines.

Oxygen Therapy

In 15 minutes been shown to improve symptoms of nausea, headache and new research shows oxygen therapy improves healing time.

Glutathione Booster

This drip will be available soon.

All You Can Be

This drip will be available soon.

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